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Fundrasing for the Future of the Shooting Sports - The NRA Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

Gold Country Friends of NRA Background

The Gold Country Friends of NRA committee was formed in 2006. The committee is made up of local volunteers who are passionate about the Second Amendment and desire to ensure that the great American heritage of gun ownership and the shooting sports is never lost.

In 2009 and 2010, our committee was granted High Caliber status by reaching and surpassing the $25,000 mark.

Some of the local beneficiaries of Friends of NRA grants include the Golden Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the Gold Country Sea Cadets, the Woodcreek and Granite Bay High School shooting teams, as well as the Sac Valley Shooting Range.

What makes the Gold Country Friends of NRA committee unique is the range of age groups represented by our committee members, which brings spirit and vitality to our efforts. It is our desire as a committee to continue to bring the community together not only to raise funds, but also to guarantee that each new generation develops and fosters a love and appreciation for the Second Amendment.

A Letter From Our Chairman

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting the Gold Country Friends of NRA website. We welcome your interest and support in this important endeavor to preserve our Second Amendment freedoms by supporting the Friends of NRA Foundation.

As you know, freedom is not free and it takes vigilance, determination, and hard work to preserve it; that is what our committee is all about. The money we raise goes back into the community, helping to finance local and national shooting sports. Through your support, you are actively involved in preserving our freedom and playing a key role in carrying on the traditions of the Second Amendment.

The following quote from Thomas Jefferson illustrates the necessity of the Second Amendment to defend our freedom by preventing invasion from outside our borders, and tyranny from within; I hope it fortifies your commitment to our work as it has mine.

"Uncertain as we must ever be of the particular point in our circumference where an enemy may choose to invade us, the only force which can be ready at every point and competent to oppose them, is the body of neighboring citizens as formed into a militia. On these, collected from the parts most convenient, in numbers proportioned to the invading foe, it is best to rely, not only to meet the first attack, but if it threatens to be permanent, to maintain the defense until regulars may be engaged to relieve them." - Thomas Jefferson: 1st Annual Message, 1801

As we look forward to another successful fundraising event this year, I ask you to join us in this ever so important work. There are a variety of ways that you can make a difference, whether it be by funding a sponsorship, attending our dinner, purchasing raffle tickets, or contributing to underwrite our merchandise. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Mark Cools
2014 Chairman
Gold Country Friends of the NRA